Smart Mobility

                The Future of Smart Cities Depends on Smart Mobility

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                A Secure Foundation for the Future

                How we move is changing, and BlackBerry? is powering that change.

                Smart transportation saves lives, connects worlds, and creates opportunity. And BlackBerry provides quality speed and reliability.

                Total Mobility Management

                Traffic operations centers, mobility providers, automakers and fleet providers are all offering inputs and collecting data, thus creating a complex system of systems that includes?vehicles, V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything) communications, traffic signals, shared mobility models and payment systems.

                But how is that data moved, managed, and secured?

                BlackBerry Spark? is a secure communications platform for creating and deploying software solutions, with high security, anywhere in the world. It leverages the rich BlackBerry portfolio of product offerings already available as stand-alone products to simplify the challenges of the mobility ecosystem.

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                BlackBerry QNX

                Ensure reliability, speed, safety, and security of embedded systems across the transportation network. With safety operations such as advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), traffic signaling and train switching, reliability and speed are paramount.

                BlackBerry? QNX??provides reliability and trust for over 150M cars.?

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                BlackBerry Cylance

                Assess and detect threats, verify users and detect anomalies at the endpoints.

                Human decisions and analysis are not always fast enough. Utilize machine learning and artificial intelligence to create insight and apply action across smart mobility.?

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                BlackBerry Radar

                Visualize and manage assets across the enterprise.

                As mobility services become more complex, the ability to monitor the performance and use of assets, in real-time, is vital across business and government fleets. BlackBerry Radar? offers that visibility.?

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                BlackBerry Certicom

                Verify communications with security credential management systems (SCMS).

                Public key infrastructure is vital to a secure network and provides the first line of defense as networks operate.?BlackBerry? Certicom? offers SCMS on all Omni Air certified devices.?

                Saving Lives on the Road

                Autonomous driving is here now in the form of ADAS, and it’s mitigating crashes.??With a micro-kernel real-time operating system, BlackBerry QNX protects the safety and reliability of those ADAS systems.?

                Learn about the QNX Platform for ADAS Learn about QNX Hypervisor

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